My adventure--page 2

  I had only been there for ten minutes, but in my mind I had already bought the car, it was on the train and on its way back to Winnipeg, where my wife and I were driving down Portage Avenue on a Sunday night with the wind in our hair and the approving glances of onlookers.
     " So uh… what do ya think eh?" the Frenchman asked again breaking my private silence. He only had to glance at me to know my answer. Right then and there he felt his wallet get a little bit fatter. I proceeded to tell him that I was very interested, however my forced attempt at hiding my excitement was as transparent as the front windshield that was staring back at me. After some minor conversation and small chitchat we headed back to the main house to begin the negotiations. After about an hour of dialogue and futile bargaining (I would of paid any price at this point), the final deal was made. I left there with mixed feelings of nervousness and excitement.
     I had finally realized my dream but still there was the matter of transportation back to my hometown that plagued my thoughts. I would only be at peace once the four-barrel, 350 horsepower life improver was sitting peacefully in my garage. I had already pre arranged the transport of my dream back in Winnipeg, so all there was left for me to was return home and anxiously await its arrival. Four days and three gallons of sweat later, my dream had finally arrived at its destined home.
    It has been a long and interesting journey for me up to this point. I look at the trials and tribulations that have brought me to this point, and I can't help but ask myself, is this the end of my journey or just the beginning? Whatever the case may be, I have learnt a valuable lesson. Dreams can come true, mine certainly did.

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