Realtors Commitment


When you trust a Realtor to help you sell or buy a home we take this responsibility very seriously. As a REALTOR here’s what we promise you.


1. Realtors are highly trained. Our training is rigorous and we must master a long diverse list of subjects-ranging from housing construction to family law.


2. We are continuously trained and we keep pace with the times.

Did you know that in order to maintain our license we must take a 6 hour mandatory education course every year to make sure that our knowledge on subjects regarding legal issues and technology are up to date.


3. Realtors also take a variety of professional development and designation courses in order to better serve your needs.

Recently Wayne and I attended 2 such courses.


a. We are one of few Canadians and the only Manitobans to have obtained The Luxury Home Designation. Having worked in the luxury home market for many years we felt it was important for us to take the Luxury Home course and become certified so we could gain more expertise in this area of how to market and work in this niche market.

b. The second area that we recognize as having a significant impact in today’s Real Estate market is the area of the 50 + boomer and mature customer. There are unique issues and opportunities that must be understood. The SRES designation – Seniors Real Estate Specialist has equipped us with the knowledge and expertise  we need in order to counsel the 50+ and mature client through the major financial, refinancing or selling of the family home.


4. Realtors do  everything by the book.  We must be registered under the provincial laws that govern exactly how real estate can and can not be traded. These regulations are your legal guarantee of our professional behavior.

Did you know that a Winnipeg Realtor is different than a anywhere else in the country? As a member of the Winnipeg Realtors Association we must work full time in the business of Real Estate. In other Canadian cities there are many part time Realtors who work in other jobs as well as in Real Estate.

5. Realtors are ethical business people. We must adhere to an extensive Code of Ethics of the Canadian Real Estate Association. This code  governs our behavior and your interest must always be put first.


6. Realtors are INSURED. For your peace of mind, provincial regulators sponsor consumer protection programs that  require us to maintain an ERRORS and OMMISSION INSURANCE. Often deposits consumers make in Real Estate transactions are also insured under these programs.


7. When you work with a Realtor, we want you to know that you have opportunity for RECOURSE. If you ever have concerns about our professional behavior, the provincial regulators and the Manitoba Real Estate Association take these matters very seriously and they will work quickly to resolve any issues.


8. And finally Realtors have access to the MLS-multiple listing service. The MLS system is the single most powerful tool for buying and selling a home today. It is a complex information sharing and cooperative marketing network created by Realtors to help you buy and sell homes.

MLS.CA is recognized and envied - world wide as the most organized as the most effective data base where all multiple listings are posted on one web site.



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