Did you know that when you  choose a Realtor to represent you in the buying or selling of a home a special fiduciary

relationship has been formed. Simply translated this means that we promise to protect and promote your best interests

as we would our own. Nothing is more important to Realtors than the agency relationship. There are 5 duties that define our Responsibilities to you. We have a duty of LOYALITY to serve

 your best interests ahead of anyone else’s-including our own. We must work to exercise good faith at all times and are

obligated to disclose all known facts and information which may influence your decision. We promise OBEDIENCE to you andwe must follow all lawful instructions that you give us. Discretion- is our 3rd duty and we   are obliged to keep  confidential your private circumstances, motivations and

confidences that you have shared with us as your Realtor. This would also include things we may have learnt indirectly from you. We owe you a duty of Competence. We must be able  to exercise reasonable care and skill in performing all the duties involved in every Real Estate transaction. Finally there is the duty of ACcounting–  Realtors are held responsible for all the moneys or other property that has been entrusted to us. Here in Manitoba -generally the seller is represented by an agent who acts in their best interests and a buyer is represented by an agent who works in their best interest.

If a Realtor represents both parties an “Acknowledgment of Limited Joint Representation” form must be signed. In the event that someone is not represented by anyone, an agent would still

be responsible to treat them honestly, fairly and with care and skill. We value your relationship and you should be aware that our code requires us to fully disclose in writing the nature of our service to you.   Helping you is what we do..


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